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Zen Health uses an holistic approach to consider the person as a whole. Here we teach you the strategies to help you make your desired changes, and give you support and accountability to make them truly stick.

Zen Health mentors, inspire and guide people to cultivate positive health choices through lifestyle and behavior change.

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Imagine if you could wake up every morning feeling energised, dump the morning coffee addiction, ditch the last-minute crash diets, deal with stress when it arises using my toolkit – tailored just for you, decrease or eliminate bloating…

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Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of waking up tired and want to feel energised 
You’re relying on coffee and sugar to get moving or perform at work
You don’t know how to manage the daily stress of modern life
You feel disconnected to your body and want to be more present
You don’t know how to eliminate habits that you know aren’t serving you
You need to put yourself first and take control of your health but need
step-by-step support and accountability

Client Success Stories

I have always been a bit reluctant to seek advice on my health and lifestyle in case they told me to ‘cut out meat entirely’, to ‘never eat a burger again’ or to ‘stop drinking.’ Not Meena, she understood my lifestyle and set realistic goals to fit within it. She taught me to have a balanced lifestyle, and not just through eating the right foods but balancing that with keeping fit and looking after my mind too.

Nadiya Ahmed


Since working with Meena I have really started to slow down and listen and discover what works for me. It’s amazing how your body changes when you remove the sugars and crap. Before I met with Meena I was totally obsessed with googling the best weight loss diets and I would jump on the bandwagon with any new FAD desperate to keep the weight down. In the past I’ve signed up to weight watchers which is miserable, tried and tested the Dukan diet, Paleo and the regular soup cleanses which would end up in a binge.

David Nelson

New York, USA


With excitement, a little bit of trepidation but a sense of expectation I finally got round to meeting Meena. I say finally, because I’d cancelled so many times due to illness (!) my children being ill or just general stuff of life. Meena was patient, kind and lovely about it all.
After meeting her I know I was right to like her and trust her with my health. Meena spent 2.5 hours with me listening, encouraging, understanding and then empowering me to make some changes that eventually will help me overcome a lot.

Swetha Nair


— +971 55 1576 437

— Al Barsha, Dubai

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